“Taking Names” on Patreon

Do you know about Patreon? I didn’t either. Basically it’s a web platform that allows folks to become “patrons” of creative artists. For as little as $1 a month, you can support someone who creates writing, art, podcasts, videos—you get the idea—making it financially possible for them to spend their time makin’ the magic happen.

So I’ve become one of these Patreon leeches, but lest you think supporting me would be like throwing your hard-earned cash into the toilet, let me hasten to note that you actually get something rather cool out of it. Patrons get access to exclusive stories that are part of my “Taking Names” project—a short story collection where each piece is about a different character/name. This is a collaborative project where my patrons get to suggest names, words and themes for the individual stories.

You can check it out and sign up to support me here:


Leechin’ it up,