Why We Blog What We Read

…because Why We Read What We Read goes through the end of 2006, but we’ve actually read a few things since then. And this way, people can actually comment on our crackpot theories! Much better than a stinky old book. (Just kidding! Our book is not stinky. You should really buy ten copies.)

Before we get to discussing any particular books, I will say that we’ve been keeping a close eye on the bestseller lists for all of 2007, and nothing whatsoever appears to have changed. Nora Roberts is still cranking ’em out; emotive literary fiction is still going gangbusters; and, of course, the release of Harry Potter 7 earlier this summer got everyone all riled up. In short, our book is more relevant than ever! And you should really buy ten copies.

(Oh, one last note: we’re assuming if you’ve found this blog that you have probably read our book. So, while we won’t attempt to be mysterious on purpose, in our blog posts we’re undoubtedly going to refer to discussions and conclusions in the book, especially when comparing other books to those covered in Why We Read What We Read. If you’ve ignored my exhortation to buy ten copies, or even one for that matter, we apologize in advance for any confusion you may experience.)

4 thoughts on “Why We Blog What We Read

  1. Hi Imani! Actually, I have been planning to review a Nora Roberts novel! Do you have any special requests? (There are so many to choose from; it can be quite daunting…)

  2. You mention that you are now blogging/reviewing books written in 2007. Would you please blog/review Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath? I believe they sold around 100,000 copies, but I’m not sure they made it to any bestseller list, yet they should have (in my never so humble opinion). Personally, I think their SUCCES [sic] formula is great, even though everything they say is covered in some composition book or another — except, of course for their chapter on Unexpectedness. That’s the kind of idea-level concept that never seems to make it into texts (if you ignore Sheridan Baker and his The Practical Stylist, that is). Another book I’d like to see you blog/review is Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek. How about it? Stick your neck out and say yes, okay? Thanks! Knew you couldn’t resist my Secret, positive vibes . . . .

  3. While I didn’t buy ten copies, I was instrumental in convincing our library (Salina, KS) that a book titled “Why We Read What We Read” sounds like something a library ought to have so they bought it!
    Maybe you should start a rumor that your books (the ones you write) are made in poison ink and if the same copy is re-read it will cause agonizing. So it would be necessary to always read a fresh copy.
    Cheers and keep being what this country needs more of.

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