Spam Arrest Is REAL!

Hey folks! You might have tried to send me an email and got a handy little email back asking you to verify that you are a real person by clicking a link. THIS IS REAL! I use a great service called Spam Arrest to protect me from getting heaps of junk mail. Here’s how it works:

When I receive an email from an unknown address, Spam Arrest sends a “challenge” email back to that person. The recipient can then click a link, thereby verifying┬áthat he or she is a real person and not a spamming robot. After that, Spam Arrest allows all emails from that address to come right through.

So please click the link in that email. Because if you don’t, I may never get to see your amazing message!

You’ll only have to do this the first time you send me an email from an unknown address.┬áThank you!