Online Courses

One of the many things I do on the side (although it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify what in my life is on the side of what) is teach online courses for Ed2Go/Cengage Learning. I love doing it, my students are cool, and it’s fun teaching “personal enrichment” classes for people who’ve decided they just want to learn a little something. A list of my courses is below; click on any link to get more information or register.

Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book
Whether you dream of becoming a full-time author, writing books to advance your career, or penning your memoir or family history, this fun and information-packed course will teach you how to plan, research, write, edit, and publish your masterpiece (either through the traditional publishing process or various nontraditional, self-publishing options).

Marketing Your Business on the Internet
Find out how to market your business on the Internet, even if you have little or no money to spend! In this practical, hands-on course, you’ll discover proven methods that will help you establish an Internet presence and build an online brand identity. You’ll learn how search engine optimization (SEO) works and how to track your site’s performance using web analytics. You’ll understand how to use online advertising, email marketing, and social media (including blogs) to drive business to your website.

Business and Marketing Writing
This fun introductory course will teach you to write or identify copy that achieves business and marketing goals. Improve your work, your knowledge, your company’s image, and your chances of getting hired, promoted or applauded! Designed for writers, marketers and anyone interested in these exciting fields. Also a great course for clients seeking a better understanding of the writing process.