Free recipe: Simple Mint

Mint lovers, start melting! This mint medley features velvety Andes mints and a crispy mint cookie.

3 to 4 Andes mints
1/2 graham cracker
1 marshmallow
1 crispy mint cookie (Thin Mint, Mint Oreo, Mint Brussels, etc.)

Unwrap mints and melt them on the graham cracker (see page 10). Roast the marshmallow. Once the chocolate has melted, remove graham cracker from the heat and top with roasted marshmallow and mint cookie.

Note: The Andes mint is the nobility of the mint world. With its creamy consistency, high meltability, and luscious flavor, the Andes mint can be incorporated into almost any s’more for unbelievable results. For a stronger flavor of fresh peppermint, swap out the Andes mints for two squares of a delicious After Eight candy bar.

p.s. After I wrote and published this recipe, the Pepperidge Farm people stopped making Mint Brussels, which was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE mint cookie. I kinda feel like this s’more will never be the same. Why is the universe so CRUEL?

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