Reviews and Appearances for Why We Read What We Read

The book never did hit the big time, but we had fun appearing on BookTV (much to our surprise) and radio shows. We also got a few nice reviews.

Library Journal
In each chapter, the authors examine seemingly disparate works and present insightful conclusions regarding the common thematic threads that resonate with American readers… The sidebars, including a song parody based on John Grisham’s The King of Torts, are especially precious. However, the authors clearly take their subject matter seriously, presenting a sobering analysis of the self-limiting literary choices Americans continue to make.

William R. Drew, Editor,
Why We Read What We Read is a fun-spirited, charming, witty look at bestsellers of the last sixteen years… it’s full of insight and entertainment, a veritable cornucopia of “instruction and delight,” as the NeoClassicists would say. Best book I’ve ever read on bestsellers. It ought to become a bestseller itself–and for all the right reasons! [Editor’s note: We totally agree.]

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor, Bookpleasures
Why We Read What We Read is comprehensive but never wearisome, analytical but never pedantic. Adams and Heath have an excellent grasp of the complexities of the subject matter and their analysis is certainly not bland but rather interesting and informative. Approached with an open mind, and perhaps with a grain of salt, this book achieves its ultimate goal; it forces people to think about the bestsellers in relation to current values, desires, and fears of Americans.

Lisa Ekus Group
Frequent flashes of humor and equally revealing sober insight make this thorough (and energetic, not exhausting) review into a page turner. Heath and Adams cover bestsellers from 1990 thru 2005, and span topics as diverse as Harry Potter and Barak Obama. They conclude with a sound wake-up call to reader, writer, and the publishing industry. Not to be missed.



“The American Culture Behind the Bestsellers: An Examination of Readers’ Perspectives”

The Diane Rehm Show

KALW-FM – “Book Talk”

KERA-FM – “Think”

Reading with Robin

The Michael Dresser Show

Voice America – “A Greater Voice”



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